The Field-Intel’​ Connection: Intelligence In Executive Protection

This article was originally published in EP Nexus. Please click here to see its original version. And please check out EP Nexus to find many excellent articles on executive protection, protective intelligence, OSINT investigations, threat assessment, and more. In the first installment of this two-part, joined article, I described a large political fundraiser back in 2008. Prior… Read More The Field-Intel’​ Connection: Intelligence In Executive Protection

Protecting The CEO

In recent years, quite a few articles have been published about CEO protection and how much money different corporations spend on it. Forbes might have been the first to get this trend started with this (somewhat dated) article. CNBC discussed the issue back during the healthcare debate, and Fortune Magazine put out a piece about… Read More Protecting The CEO

Threats & Risks

What’s the difference between risk and threat? It’s a simple question about two very common terms we use in the security industry, but one that more people need to ask themselves. And as a result of not doing so, too many security professionals end up using risk and threat (and occasionally, vulnerability too) interchangeably. This… Read More Threats & Risks