How should we do this, formally, in the third person; or informally, in the first?
Fuck it – informal it is:
Life’s pretty much taken me all over the place: Born and raised on a small Kibbutz in northwest Israel (right on the Mediterranean coast) I was one of those farm boys who was driving huge tractors before I ever got behind the wheel of a normal car. This came in handy when I was drafted into the IDF, and became a tank commander.
After the army, I needed a nice quiet year of peacefully farming the land again on a Kibbutz, and after that is was right over to Japan for martial arts training. I spent close to four years living in Tokyo, working as a freelance English instructor and practically living in the Dojo the rest of the time. I ended up with a first degree black belt in Aikido and in a traditional stick-fighting style called Shinto Muso-Ryu Jodo (which, I suppose I should right about sometime). I also managed to cycle around most of Japan in two giant cycling trips – one to the south and one to the ferociously beautiful north of Japan (which I definitely need to write about).
Mixed into all of that was teaching myself to speak, read and write Japanese, taking a few trips elsewhere in Asia and Europe (mostly on the way to and from visits to Israel) and making all sorts of interesting friends with all sorts of interesting people from around the world.
Then came UC Berkeley, where I went in order to get a formal American academic seal of approval for my Japanese language skills (kind of backwards, I know…), and then getting deep – very deep – into the world of corporate sector security operations (which I’ve written about quite a bit). Mixed into all of this is a deep interest in religious debate (which, as you can also see, I’ve written about quite a bit). And that’s about it really. Well, there is obviously more stuff, like family and all sorts of other stuff, but we’ll end this section with that.

Kind of makes you regret having clicked on the ‘About” page, doesn’t it? Gave you a bit more than you bargained for here…