Anyone Can Do It!

On the brighter side, one thing that the Trump inauguration has demonstrated is that anyone can become president.
After the 2008 election, many people were elated to discover that even a young, half black, internationally raised, community organizing, first term senator from Illinois can become president. But in the last eight years, the envelope has been pushed even farther.
Donald Trump has inspired millions of Americans by demonstrating that you don’t even need to have any public service experience to become president. You can be a born and raised Manhattan billionaire playboy who lives in a gold-plated penthouse, and still become president. You can be a reality show star, serial adulterer, have five children from three different women, gloat about grabbing pussies and still become president. You can also gloat about evading taxes, hide your tax return statements, insult war heroes, Gold Star families and the entire intelligence community while praising Vladimir Putin, and still become president. You can promote preposterous conspiracy theories, incite violence at rallies, call for your political opponent to be jailed, go through four bankruptcies, countless lawsuits, call for blatant violations of the constitution, and after all that, still become president of the United States of America.
Isn’t there something inspiring about that?
Dream big, everyone. The US is truly the land of opportunities, where anyone—absolutely ANYONE—can become president.

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