Islamic insecurity

Islamic insecurity

As the Muslim YouTube inspired rage continues, and US embassies keep coming under attack, one cannot help but make some funny observations about Islam.
First, it is amazing to see how hysterical violent bullies seem to think that they can gain the respect of non Muslims by means of violence. Sadly, there are indeed some things that actually can be gained through violence, but respect is not one of them. Trying to gain people’s respect through violence is about as stupid as trying to gain their trust by stealing from them, or their love by raping them. Compliance is one thing, respect is quite another, and one should not confuse fear for respect.
Now, dig a bit deeper and ask yourself why it is that people resort to protecting their religious beliefs by means of violence. What, or who, are they protecting here?

Since they are so committed to using violence, it seems quite clear that what they are trying to protect is their own beliefs, and that the main problem they have with their beliefs is weakness. Think about it, if a person were confident in their faith, knowing that they really are following the desires of the one true deity; the same deity who will supposedly punish all nonbelievers with eternal fire, what would there be to complain about? If I were privy to such a wonderful secret, and lucky enough to have such a close connection to the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator of the universe, this would make me very happy. Why would I feel so compelled to harm misguided people who supposedly only have a few decades at best before they get roasted for eternity?
The only logical explanation is that the hysterical people who scream about their religion, don’t actually have any real belief in the fantastical iron aged legends it is based on. This is why they take it on themselves to silence anything that might expose this weakness. Any person of real faith would not have the desperate need to burn or otherwise silence people who have a different opinion. You cannot be simultaneously strong in your faith and yet so fragile and susceptible to offense by YouTube clips.
Being offended means you cannot control your emotions and that you expect others to do it for you. One would think that people with such a close connection to the creator of the universe would have enough strength to either overcome a silly YouTube clip, or simply not watch it.

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