Why the birth control fiasco is bad for the Catholic Church

As the Catholic Church birth control fiasco Image

As the Catholic Church birth control fiasco winds down, revealing yet again how out of touch the church is with what polls have shown to be 98% of the people it claims as “its own”, some interesting questions begin to resurface.
The first question is – why is the Catholic Church opposed to birth control in the first place? On the face of it, this might seem like a non question. What, after all, is so mysterious about a traditional religious organization opposing birth control? But if we bother to unpack the source of this opposition, and understand what the Catholic Church’s rational behind it is, interesting revelations start coming to light. Assume, just for a moment, that the Catholic Church actually is what it claims to be – the one and only true representative of the omnipotent omniscient omnipresent creator deity, Yahweh. And forget, just for a moment, why such a supernatural deity would even need to have spokespeople, much less ones who have been so consistently delinquent when it comes to fundamental principals such as child safety; how exactly has this church interpreted the will of this deity to show that he is so displeased with condoms and pills? In effect, what the Catholic Church is saying is that the omnipotent omniscient omnipresent creator deity – the all knowing, all powerful, all seeing Yahweh, who not only created the universe exactly how he wanted it to be, and who knew in advance, through his omniscience, everything that would ever occur, has a problem with a man rolling on a condom or a woman taking a pill. If the all powerful, all knowing, creator deity wants every erect penis to only ejaculate into wet fertile vaginas, then why is it that he endowed human beings with sexual urges that FAR surpass what is necessary for procreation, and then nominated such a feeble organization to police and enforce his will?
Any time such simple yet unanswerable questions about Yahweh are raised, we can expect to hear the childish excuse “the lord moves in mysterious ways” from religious apologists who never seem to realize just how ridiculous and self contradictory this answer is. First, the mysterious ways of this deity are contingent upon people’s need to believe that such a deity exists in the first place – an existence that has simply been asserted out of thin air. Secondly, thin air also appears to be the medium out of which the subsequent assertion that Yahweh is displeased with contraceptives seems to come from. And finally, it is laughably ridiculous to claim absolute knowledge about a deity’s wishes on one hand (contraceptives), while claiming that his will is also eternally unknowable on the other. If indeed no evidence is necessary to back up assertions about the will of this deity, then I, or anyone else, can also play this game, and assert out of the same thin air that Yahweh DOES want people to use contraceptives.
One might wonder why Catholic authorities insist on opening themselves up to such silly ‘let’s pretend’ games, and indeed, much of the time the church does try to focus people’s attention on such vagaries as “family values” or “tradition”. But strip away childish nonsense about magic and supernatural deities from this debate, and what are you left with – a band of cynical old virgins trying to tell people how to lead their private sex lives.
For pursuing this issue, and many others, the church keeps making itself less and less relevant to more and more people; a fact that is clearly illustrated by the consistent drop in membership the church has been experiencing. Less and less healthy adults are willing to sit obediently and be told by virgin or celibate clergymen how they should conduct their own private sex lives. Less and less healthy adults are willing to subject themselves to sexual injunctions, preached by an organization that is itself responsible for countless child rape and torture cases – perpetrated by anti birth control clergymen. Less and less healthy adults can continue believing an organization that spends decades in Africa, preaching that AIDS is very bad indeed, but not as bad as condoms. And less and less healthy adults are able to convince themselves that a cynical group of sanctimonious humans is somehow able to interpret the will of some iron aged tribal Middle Eastern deity
Some might think that for a 21st century president to reverse a decision in order to accommodate the desires of an organization that claims to have an exclusive connection to an ancient tribal Middle Eastern deity is a bad sign. But president Obama’s shameful capitulation to the self appointed spokespeople of Yahweh is actually a false friend to Catholicism, as it is likely to bring about a further drop in membership in Catholic medical facilities. As more and more of the 98% of the population that uses birth control will choose to go to medical establishments that WILL supply them with the much desired, not to mention financially covered, birth control measures, more of the population will continue to pull out of the Catholic Church’s dry and sterile sanctums. Birth control fiascoes of this sort tend to have a prophylactic effect on people, in that they protect more of the population from sickly Catholic edicts, paving the way to complete abstinence from ridiculous papal authority.

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